I’m so glad you’ve found your way here. Take a moment to get comfortable before exploring. As a mother of three, I know how little time moms spend doing anything for themselves, so my hope is you’ll learn something new here, but more importantly, you will decide you are worthy of being a priority in your life.

Hi, I’m Jessica Rose, and I created The Mothering Tree for women who are ready to reconnect with themselves and claim the next level of their lives.

The women I’ve met along this journey are courageous, empowered, badass mothers who truly care about being the best parent they can be while living an authentic life of alignment and ambition.

My role here is to guide you through reclaiming your identity, identifying the vision for your dream life, and helping you create the action plan to make it happen.

I strongly believe women living in their true power and purpose have the unique opportunity to shift the collective into a higher vibration.

The Rooted & Rising Method is my signature process that guides mothers into confident, passionate, purposeful women living their dream lives!

Alignment – Authenticity – Ambition