Discover Your Passions

There was a time in the not-that-distant-past when I would see other women doing their thing–teaching, writing, rockin’ it as a preschool teacher, whatever it was–and those women would be so lit up from doing what they love, they practically glowed from within. But instead of feeling excited for them, I’d feel jealous. Frustrated. I wanted to know what MY thing was. I wanted to feel passionate and purposeful in my daily life. I wanted fulfillment that came from outside of my role as a mom.

Over several years, I tried many different avenues, constantly looking outside of myself for the answers. A huge part of me secretly hoped someone would just TELL me what to do. But let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have listened to them. My rebellious streak would’ve kicked in, and I’d say they were wrong.

So, it wasn’t until I dug into personal development that things really began to shift for me. And in truth, I sort of fell into personal development on accident. I picked up the book The Artist’s Way in an attempt to unblock my creativity having NO idea how much would shift in my life from that effort. (This is a whole other topic I want to write about, but seriously, EVERYTHING is connected!)

Once I realized the answers I sought were already within me, it felt as if a path was waiting. I started listening to the whispers; I honored my intuition and authenticity. And not only did I reclaim my identity, but I discovered MY THING!

And I’m here to tell you it is a huge, joyous part of my life now. So if you’re wondering what your thing is. I have a few tips for you:

-Start meditating. I know that can sound scary so I’ll rephrase it: be still. Get quiet, put on some meditation music if you’d like, and let your mind settle. Simply be, and don’t worry if you’re doing it wrong. It’s called a practice for a reason.

-Stream-of-conscious journaling will allow you to dump the brain chatter and tap into your highest self. Do it daily. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Just write for three pages every single day. Complain, whine, be angry in your writing. Whatever it takes.

-Make lists of what you love, what you’re good at, what you have experience with or education in. Make a list of what you want your life to be like and the emotions you’d like to feel doing your thing.

-Follow your curiosity. It’s there for a reason–trust it and let it lead you to new and exciting territory in your life.

And then,

-Journal some more. There is so much clarity in journaling. It is a chance to speak with your soul. Like I said, the answers are already within you, so tap in and start listening.

Knowing what lights you up and what passions make you glow can change your whole life and that of the people around you. You never know who you’ll inspire or whose life you will touch with your gifts and talents. <3