Hi, I’m Jessica Rose, life coach and founder of The Mothering Tree. I’m also the mama of three growing little people.

I’m an INFP, a Virgo, a chai latte lover, and a tarot card reader.

My vision and my passion is to empower mothers to reclaim their identity, their joy, and their lives.

As mothers, we have the opportunity to lead by example for our children, teaching them to prioritize themselves, their needs, and their dreams.

And that all starts with you!

Often, women push their own needs aside in an effort to be the best mom for their kids.

I believe this idea is counterintuitive.

As someone who has fallen into this trap, I know how hard it can be to break the cycle and make yourself a priority. That’s why I created this business–to guide and support you as you take charge of your life and create the dream life you’ve always wanted.